In this section of the User Guide we will discuss the creation of portfolio items, as well as how to add portfolio lists to your website pages.

Portfolio Items

To create a new portfolio item:

Navigate to Portfolio > Add new from your WordPress admin panel.


Enter a title for your portfolio item in the text field near the top of the page.
On the right side of the screen you will see a section named Portfolio Categories. Here you can select the categories that you would like to add this portfolio item to. If you would like to create a new category, click on the + Add New Category link. A text field will appear in which you can enter a category name, and then click Add New Category.


Once you have checked the categories you would like to add your post to, click the Publish button.
Beneath the Portfolio Categories section are the Portfolio Tags, Attributes, and Featured Image sections. In the Portfolio Tags section, you can enter tags for this portfolio item. In the Attributes section, you can set the order in which you would like this portfolio item to appear in portfolio lists. In the Featured Image section, you can set an image to be displayed for this item on portfolio lists.

Now that you have set up your first portfolio item, let’s go over the available custom fields for portfolio items.

Note that most of them are the same custom fields you’ll find when creating standard pages.
Portfolio Settings

Portfolio Type – Choose a layout for your portfolio single project. You can choose from the following portfolio types:
Portfolio Big Images


You can also choose one of the Portfolio Custom types, if you would like to build your portfolio from scratch via shortcodes, like you would any other page.

“Back To” Link – Chose the page you would like the “back to” link to lead to
Portfolio External Link – This applies to portfolio lists. If you wish to take viewers to an external site once they click on this portfolio item, enter its full URL here. If you enter a URL in this field, when you click on this portfolio item in the portfolio list, instead of opening the portfolio item it will open the URL you entered.
Dimensions for Masonry – Choose an image layout for this portfolio item when it appears in a masonry type portfolio list.

Portfolio Lists

A portfolio list displays a listing of your portfolio items, each of which can be clicked on for a detailed overview of the single portfolio item.

Portfolio lists are added to pages via the Portfolio List shortcode. You also have the option to create a portfolio slider using the Portfolio Slider shortcode. To add a portfolio list to a page, navigate to the backend of that page and add the Portfolio List element to the page via VIsual Composer (by clicking on the Add Element button, and then choosing the Portfolio List element from the element selection screen). For a comprehensive overview of all the options provided in the Portfolio List and Portfolio Slider elements, please see the Custom Shortcodes section of this User Guide.