4.1 Blog Styles

Theme Options:

Element "Blog"

Blog Style. 

This option allows choose the style for the blog: 

1. Center style

2. Metro style

3. Masonry style

Blog title. 

This option allows entering the title for your blog

 Background image for banner - Allow add the background image for the banner.

Show posts from not all categories? 

This option allows show posts in the blog from not all categories. If this option is "ON" you can select from which categories the posts will be displayed. If this option is "OFF" posts will be displayed on the page from all categories.

Show posts from categories.

This option allows select categories for showing posts in the blog.

Note: This option will work when will be "ON" option "Show posts from all categories"!

The transparent header for the single post. 

This option allows turning on the transparent header for the single post.

Tags in posts. 

This option allows display tags (which you will add to your post) in the details posts.

Categories in posts. 

This option allows display (which you will add to your post)categories in the details posts.

Author  in post details page. 

This option allows display author in the post details page.

Biographical Info from User's profile. 

This option allows display biographical info from user's profile in the post details page