6.2 Showcase Shortcodes

Showcase info

  • Info list - Here you can select items for your info list
  • Share icons - Here you can add social media share icons

Showcase Slider


  • Title - Here you can enter title for your Showcase Slider. Please, use tag <b></b> for selected text primary color. For example: <b>selected text</b>
  • Linked to detail page - Choose YES if you want to linked your showcase to detail page
  • Open link in a new tab? - Here you can choose where you want to open link: in new or currently tab
  • Link text - Here you can enter link text

Slider parameters:

  • Enable arrows - Here you can choose enable or disable arrows
  • Enable pagination - Here you can choose enable or disable paginations
  • Speed (milliseconds) - Here you can enter animation speed for slider in milliseconds. Default 1500 milliseconds

Source parameters:

  • Select Categories - Here you can select the categories, which will display on the slider.
  • Order by - Here you can select how to sort retrieved posts.
  • Sort order - Here you can select ascending or descending order.