9.0.5 Blog


  • Blog style - Select the type for blog: modern, grid with image background, grid with letter background
  • Blog title - Enter title for blog
  • Show sidebar on pages - Display sidebar on select pages
  • Show posts from not all categories?- This option allows show posts in blog from not all categories
  • Show posts from categories - Select categories for showing posts in blog
  • Transparent header for single post - Turning on transparent header for single post
  • Tags in posts -  Display tags in posts
  • Share Buttons Iin post - Display social sharing buttons
  • Categories in posts - Display categories in posts
  • Author in post details page - Display author in post details page
  • Biographical Info from Users profile - Display biographical info from user's profile in post details page
  • Show Recent Posts - Here you can select to show or to hide recent posts