Blog Options 

  • Blog title/subtitle - the title/subtitle for Blog page 
  • Banner style - Heading or Banner  
  • Enable Human Diff - Heading or Banner  
  • Show/Hide post info - click on to enable post info
  • Enable Load more for Blog -  click on to enable Load more button
Blog Details Options
  • Navigation for posts - Enable/Disable links which navigate to next and previous post.
  • Post comment background image - upload image

When you switch on  Navigation in post items, the text “prev / next page” will be added in all posts

If you check on  Human Diff option, Dates format will be changed into the following:


  •  Footer style - choose the text type: Full or Simple
  • Footer copyright - add copyright information
  • Show Footer sidebar - click on to enable socials 
  • Footer social icon - add link and select social icon