What is Outliner?

Outliner is an indispensable plugin for creating a landing page design. No matter whether you need a page for yourself or for your client, you will receive an instant presentation of your idea. With drag and drop technology, build unique layouts and include all the necessary blocks in your design. In addition, you control the ETA and budget yourself, because they are calculated instantly based on your layouts.

How to install the qodeblock plugin?

Once you buy the plugin on as a zip file, you can download it manually and install it through the admin Dashboard. Go to Plugins → Add new

Click " Upload Plugin"  at the top of the screen. Select the zip file from the local file system. Click the " Install now" button. 

When the installation is completed, a message will be displayed indicating that the plugin has been installed successfully. Click " Activate Plugin" at the bottom of the page.  After the successful installation and activation of the plugin in the Dashboard sidebar will appear Outliner Settings area