How to create a template

This plugin allows you not only to create page layouts but also to save them as examples of works. To do this , go to Outliner → Templates and click "Add Template" and customize the template.

  • Main image - Here you can download the image for the template
  • Title - Please select a block to display in the header
  • Blocks - This option allows you to add blocks for the main content area. You can add more blocks as you want, simply click the "Add row" button and select a block from the list.
  • Footer - Here you can select a block to display in the footer

After setting, click on "Save Changes" and save the template. After that, this template will be available in the Frontend Page Builder. Click the "Show Templates" button on the right side of the page, and you will see all the saving templates.

When you choose some template from the list it will open in Outline Page Builder and you can see all blocks which includes this template. Also it will be avialible Template Price and time estimate.

You can customize this template, adding or removing blocks.