4.1 How to add WP Bakery Page Builder ShortCodes

What is a   WordPress   Shortcode?

Shortcode is a WordPress specific code that allows inserting advanced features or content blocks within your site. WordPress shortcode is based on Shortcode API which is a set of simple functions that can be used by developers to create those content blocks.  

Our team made this much easy to use. We created the list of shortcodes which are ready to use. All you need to do is only to add shortcode from our shortcode manager. H ere is a list of our shortcodes which are included in the theme:

You can start using them on the empty page or edit shortcodes which you get after  importing     demo data

Add New Page

Go to Pages > Add New to add a blank page. If you don't see the Backend / Frontend Editor, please make sure you have installed and activated Visual Composer plugin.

Edit Existing Page

Simply open your page and find the section/element you want to edit. Let's take a look at the structure of the pages.

  • Row Layout: Defines the column number.
  • Row Settings: Includes spacing, backgrounds, stretch options, animations, etc.
  • Column Settings: Includes advanced parallax, text-align, animations, spacing, background etc.