Theme Options

Theme Options

Navigate to Dashboard > Customize option and set global options that will work throughout the entire site. These settings will be default for all categories, pages and posts of the theme:

All the options in this partition are divided into sections:

Site identity - In this section you can change site title, Tagline and site icon:

Blog options. A set of parameters that affects the display of the blog page:

  • Content options - choose between a full post or an excerpt for the blog and archive pages.
  • Header background - add header title, subtitle and image (optional) for the blog page
  • Section blog after content - here you can add title, subtitle and background color for bottom part of the page
  • Social sharing - click yes you would like to add share option
  • Archive page - here pagination style can be chosed ( style1, 2 or 3)
  • Single page  -  click yes to enable full width featured image

General options - here you can enable preloader by clicking yes on the option and change background image for 404 page:

Shop option - here you can make the following changes in shop page: add a background image and subtitle for the banner, enable/disable breadcrumb and add a bottom (background color, title, and subtitle):

Header - in this section you can set the following settings:
  • Header style -  select header style (style 1,2 or 3) from the list
  • Fixed header - click yes if you would like to have the header fixed
  • Header Logo type - text or image type should be selected
  • Show header search - enables search item on the header
  • Show header social  - enables social links on the header

Footer - copyright information as well as social link in footer can be changed in this section: 

Sidebar - You can select sidebar layout for archive, single and datail pages: 

Social network - links should be added in the relevant fields:

In  Colors section background color for all pages of the site can be changed:
Background image - Here you can upload your own image to be used as a background. You can select the position of the uploaded image (preset and image position options) and size
Menus - in Menu locations select wich menu you would like to use (Your theme supports one menu).
In Main menu you can add new item or reorder already created menu list
In addition, you can create another menu, using Add a Menu button:
Widgets - In this section theme widgets can be set in the bottom part of the site. Theme comes with several default widget sets/sidebars. Click on Add a Widget button and select the widgets you would like to display on page:
Static front page - here you can select the way front page should display: static page or latest post. Chose an appropriate page from the list in Front/Posts page fields:

Additional CSS -  this section was specially created for you to easily customize your site by adding custom CSS code: