Instagram shortcode

  • Username - Please, enter the Instagram username.
  • Access Token - Please, enter the access token. Here is an easy way to get Access Token 1. Press the button "Generate Access Token". 2. Log in to your Instagram account. 3. The next page will generate your token. 
  • Image Size - Here you can select the image size.
  • Number of Photos - Please, enter the number of photos to display (maximum can be 20).

Title Typography:

  • Text Color - Here you can select title color from the palette.
  • Alignment - Here you can select the title alignment.
Typography item:
  • Family - Here you can select the typography for the title.
  • Size - Here you can set up the title size.
  • Weight - Please, select the weight for the title.
  • Transform - This option allows to change the case of the text. 
  • Style - Please, select text style for the title.
  • Decoration - Please, select a style for the title decoration.
  • Line-Height - Here you can enter a line height for the title.
  • Letter Spacing - Here you can enter a letter spacing for the title.