Media shortcode

Content Settings:

Templates - Here you can choose template style for the Media section (Aira Media or Aira Media Single)

Aira Media Single

Aira Media Single Style:

  • Image - Here you can add the image from the library or upload new

Swiper Settings:

Change swiper options? - Turn on switcher if you want to change the following swiper options:
  • Arrows - Turn on the switcher to display swiper in arrows style .
  • Pagination - Turn on the switcher to display the sliders pagination.
  • Effect Type - Here you can select from the list the effect type for swiper (Slide, Fade, Cube, Flip, Coverflow).
  • Loop - Turn on the switcher to display the loop effect.
  • Simulate Touch - Turn on the switcher to simulate touch effect.
  • Autoplay - Please, enter autoplay speed(in ms). 0 - autoplay off.
  • Speed - Please, enter speed(in ms).
  • Lazy load image - Amount of next/prev slides to preload lazy images in. (if 0 - lazy load off).

Images Size:

Image size - This option allows to resize image. You can choose needed size from the list or enter custom image width and height.