Banner Title

The shortcode will be shown on the front page as here:

In the Settings you will need to choose a proper  Style, Color style, Heading size, Style background and button from the proposed list:

Title, Subtitle, Animation text and Description fields should be filled in as well.  In addition you can upload background image and enable Overlay or/and Fullheight options in this shortcode:


  • Style shortcode - select the banner style. It can take one of the following values: simple, big
  • Color style - the color type: light or  default (dark)
  • Heading Size - choose from the list the heading size
  • Subtitle - add subtitle
  • Title - add banner title
  • Animation text - add animation text 
  • Color animation text - choose the color for animation text 
  • Style background - choose image or video for background
  • Description - add short description
  • Button - add URL and title for the button 
  • Style button - the button type: simple or creative 
  • Columns - add title , subtitle and enable divider option 
  • Enable overlay - click on to enable overlay effect
  • Enable full height - click on to enable full height 
  • Extra class name - class name for element. Allows to set up additional decorations for element in CSS stylesheets.