Social Networks

Social Networks shortcode:

Content Settings:

Templates - Here you can choose template style for the social networks (this theme include the DJO Modern style)

DJO Modern Style


  • Add item - Click on the button to add a new social network item.


  • Network - Please, select the network from the list.
  • URL -  Please, enter the your network account URL
Size - Enter a size for social icons.
Type - Here you can select the type of socials icon
Socials align on mobile - - Here you can select the alignment for social network icons.
Enable Dark version - Turn on the switcher to display the dark version

Social name Typography

    Text Color - Here you can select socials color from the palette.

    Alignment - Here you can select the socials alignment.

    Typography item:

    Family - Here you can select the typography for the social name.

    Size - Here you can set up the social name size.

    Weight - Please, select the weight for the social name.

    Transform - This option allows to change the case of the text. 

    Style - Please, select text style for the social name.

    Decoration - Please, select a style for the social name decoration.

    Line-Height - Here you can enter a line height for the social name.