Contact Info

Contact Info shortcodes:

Content Settings:

Templates - Here you can choose template style for your Contacts section  ( Funero Simple  )

Funero Simple 

  • Address - Here we can add the address information.
  • Email - Here we can add the email to the contact info.
  • Phone - Here we can add the phone number to the contact info.
  • Use the custom font for content? - Turn on the switch if you want to customize the content typography.

Text Typography:

These options is only available if you select the "Use custom font for text" checkbox in the content settings.

  • Text Color - Here you can select text color from the palette.
  • Alignment - Here you can select the type of text alignment.
Typography item:
  • Family - Here you can select the typography for the text.
  • Size - Here you can set up the text size.
  • Weight - Please, select the weight for the text.
  • Transform - This option allows to change the case of the text. 
  • Style - Please, select a text style for the text.
  • Decoration - Please, select a style for the text decoration.
  • Line-Height - Here you can enter a line height for the text
  • Letter Spacing - Here you can enter a letter spacing for the text.