Layout Settings: 

Here you can select Layout style for Navbar section

Acacio Modern Style:

  • Number of columns - Here you can select the number of columns for Navigation bar.
  • Add Item - Click on the button to add the column links.
Item settings:
  • Type of link - Please select the link type (phone, email, custom links, just text or social links) and enter the information.
  • Max width for navbar - Here you can enter the max-width value for the navbar.
  • Background color for navbar - Please, select the background color for the navbar.
  • Remove borders? - Turn on the switch if you want to remove the borders.
  • Hide on mobile first column? - Turn on the switch to hide the first column on the mobile devices.
  • Use the custom font for links? - Turn on the switch if you want to customize the links typography.
  • Use the custom font for socials? - This option allows you to customize the socials typography.

Acacio Additional Style: