How to operate with the single content page on environments

In case we need to migrate one specific page from Development to Production or Production to Development we can use Elementor templates functionality:

  • Go to Elementor admin panel of the page on dev;
  • Click on save as template 

  • Add a name for page template and save it 

  • Findd needed template from list and export it 

  • Go to the live site WordPress Dashboard and create a new page with the same name as on dev and with page template “Aheto Canvas” 

  • Go to Elementor admin panel of this page and click on this button

  • Click on this button for import our exported template 

  • Move your exported json page template into white space 

  • Find your page template from list and insert it 

  • If it asks you to import page settings - agree 

When your page is inserted just publish the page.