How to update any plugins?

In order to update any plugin, you can do via automatically via the Update Now Button or Manually by uploading files via FTP

Update using Update Now Button 

  1. Go to the Plugins page in WordPress (that’s {your site URL}/wp-admin/plugins.php).
  2. Find the update notification below the plugin entry, and click  update now:

In case you know there is an update but you don’t see any update notification, you can try it a few hours later.  (The reason for waiting is to make sure that WordPress instance was pinged with a new update)

In your WordPress admin go to: Dashboard > Updates and click "Check Again". In some cases, this will cause the notice to appear.

If you still don’t see any update notification, your server may be blocking the requests to our update system, so you should use the manual update instead.

Manual Update via Uploading files via FTP 

Unzip the archive of plugin and then upload the this folder to the wp-content/plugins directory.

Please in the process of updating the plugin, your website will be under Maintenance Mode.