What is Appsero?

What is Appsero?

Appsero is a SaaS-based service that lets the WordPress theme/plugin developers manage and deploy their themes/plugins in their website at a comparatively less time and effort. Whether you are pushing a new update to your theme or want to gather data about why your theme is getting deactivated – Appsero has got you covered.

On Zenbusiness it is used for releasing new theme versions, that you can see after in  Themes page in WordPress (that’s {your site URL}/wp-admin/themes.php).

How can I create new release for theme?

You can easily release your theme using Appsero. Here are the steps.

To publish new releases, login into Appsero Dashboard via link https://dashboard.appsero.com/ and click on the theme on Appsero Dashboard. 

There you will find the  Release option on the sidebar. Click on it.

Then after clicking on the Add New Release button, you will get a form.

Fill in the form with the following information.

Name Required Description
Version Yes The version of the release
Release Date Yes Date of Release
Change-log Yes Change log of the Plugin/Theme. This is markdown supported.
File Name Yes Name of the file. It will be filled up automatically if you upload the file.
File Path Yes File location path of the file. It will be filled up automatically if you upload the file.

After filling in the form, click on Publish Release button.

The release has been created successfully. 

Can I do new release for theme via GitHub and Appsero?

Yes, you can automatically release a new version of your theme from GitHub. 

Push your project tags to GitHub to create a new release in Appsero and the admin will get an automatic update from Appsero.

For more information you can find following the link https://appsero.com/docs/appsero-user-guide/push-to-deploy/