Team member (Sterling)

Here you can select Layout style for  Team member block.

Each layout consists of Content section:

  • Display Image - Here you can add the image for the team member.
  • Name - Please, enter the name for a team member.
  • Designation - Please, enter a designation.
  • Description - Here you can add the description for the current item.

Item Settings:

  • Networks - This option allows you to add the team member socials network URLs. You can choose what socials you want to add by adding link url. 

In section Image Size you can set the image size in the block:

You can customize and edit Typography.

In order to do so, turn on the switcher where it is needed. 

Example :

Name Typography

Alignment - Here you can select the name alignment.

Text Color - Here you can select name color from the palette.

Typography item:
  • Family - Here you can select the typography for the name text.
  • Size - Here you can set up the name text size.
  • Weight - Please, select the weight for the name text.
  • Transform - This option allows to change the case of the name text. 
  • Style - Please, select text style for the description text.
  • Decoration - Please, select a style for the name text decoration.
  • Line-Height - Here you can enter a line height for the name text.

The following Typographies you can customize in the same way in each layout.

  • Position Typography
  • SocialsTypography
  • Links Typography
  • Description Typography