Design Settings

Use a built-in skin builder to tweak Aheto Design elements styling, to make a perfect match with your corporate and brand identity. With a built-in design options panel, you can change your visual appearance literally in seconds! Review skin builder option and determine which parts you want to affect – combine your WordPress theme with your custom Aheto Plugin powered skin and create a completely unique design. Aheto Skin Generator is the easiest way to customize the overall look of your WordPress theme if you do not have the necessary programming skills or if you are looking for a quick modification option.

Design Settings allows you to create and edit your own theme skins. A skin is a custom appearance settings that includes such options as: 
  • Skins - allows to create new skin;
  • Colors - here you can edit skins colors; 
  • Typography - this settings block allows to customize Skin typography; 
  • Buttons - here you can find options that allow customizing button design; 
  • Forms - here you can customize your forms.

Skins Settings

Here you can create new skin and manage existing theme skins.

On the left side of the dashboard is located Skin List. It includes all saved skins, which you can use in your theme. Every skin have buttons for Editing, Clone, or Delete Skin from the list

  • Edit - this button allows you to change skin settings;
  • Select - this button allows you to change the default skin for your website.
  • Delete - this option removes the skin from the list.
  • Clone button allows you to duplicate skin with all settings;

You can also create new skin. To do this, enter a new skin name on the right side of the dashboard and click on "Create New Skin".

Do not forget to save your settings by clicking the "Save Changes" button. In case you want to return to the default settings, just click on "Reset Options".

Colors Settings

This block allows setting up main skin colors. Please, select the colors you need from the palette box and save the settings.

Typography Settings

In this dashboard section, you can customize your skin typography and setting up fonts family, colors, and size for the subtitle and text. 

Headlines Settings: