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Team Member


Add item - Here you can add a new team item by clicking on the button.

Item Settings:

  • Display Image - Here you can add the image for the team member.
  • Name - Please, enter the name for the team member.
  • Designation - Please, enter a designation.
  • Add socials? - This option allows you to add the team member socials network URLs. You can choose what socials you want to add by adding link url. This means if you don't add link url of socials it will not be displayed.
  • Use the custom font for Person Name? - Turn on the switcher if you want to use a custom font for the Person Name.
  • Use the custom font for Designation? - Turn on switcher if you want to use a custom font for the Designation.

Socials Items:

  • Dribbble - Add url to Dribbble.
  • Facebook - Add url to Facebook.
  • Instagram - Add url to Instagram.
  • Linkedin - Add url to Linkedin.
  • Pinterest - Add url to Pinterest.
  • RSS - Add url to RSS.
  • Skype - Add url to Skype.
  • Tumblr - Add url to Tumblr.
  • Twitter - Add url to Twitter.
  • Vimeo - Add url to Vimeo.
  • Youtube - Add url to Youtube.