Creating and Editing Pages

Reading settings. Follow Settings in WordPress Admin Panel and select Reading. Then choose: A static page and select Front page and Post page. Make sure to click ‘Save Changes’ button, otherwise, your changes will be lost.

Building pages is very easy on this theme as you will use the templates. In order to start visually building a new page, all you have to do is: Go to Pages > Add New in order to add a new page. In the right corner of the page, select an appropriate template from the dropdown list.

The Light theme includes four different templates. Below you can find the screenshots of templates, both front end, and back-end versions, which are used in this theme:


Backend. In the right corner of the page, select the Albums Page Template from the list:

Ivy Holand

Backend. In Templates section choose About Page Template. Upload image in Featured Image:

Contact page

Backend. Here Contact page template is used:

Simple page

Backend. For this type of page add Default Template:


Widgets add content and features to your Sidebars. In order to access the widgets page go to Appearance > Widgets. The Widgets area on the left-hand side is composed of 2 sections:

Available Widgets – all the widgets you can use in your sidebars.

Inactive Widgets – drag widgets here to remove them from the sidebar but keep their settings. You can drag widgets to that section to remove them from the sidebar but keep their settings.