After downloading the Logistic installation file from ThemeForest, extract it and in the extracted folder locate the file. You can then install the Logistic theme using one of two methods described below.

It really doesn’t matter at all which one of these techniques you want to use, so choose the one which seems to make more sense to you.

WordPress upload – For most users, this is probably the simplest installation method. To install the Logistic theme using this method, please follow these steps:
Login to your WordPress admin panel
Navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme
Click on Choose File and select
Click on Install Now
FTP upload – If you would like to install the Logistic theme via FTP, please follow these steps:
Extract the file you previously located. You should now see a folder named Logisticwp
Using an FTP client, login to the server where your WordPress website is hosted
Using an FTP client, navigate to the /wp-content/themes/ directory under your WordPress website’s root directory
Using an FTP client, upload the previously extracted Logisticwp folder to the themes directory on your remote server

Activate the Theme

Once the installation is complete, your Logistic theme will be ready for use. Now all you need to do is navigate to Appearance > Themes and activate the Logistic theme. After you have done this, you should see there one more theme called Logistic. Find it and just click Activate (if theme was uploaded via FTP).


Or click Activate right after theme was installed (if it was installed with Theme Uploader)


After you have done this, you should also see notification that appears in the left navigation bar of your WordPress admin panel. It require plugins that need to be installed. Please install and activate all of the required plugins, since they are necessary for the theme to function properly


Make sure that all the required plugins were installed and updated, since theme plugins are very important for proper theme functioning. Theme plugins includes core theme functionalities and custom post types that come with the theme and without these plugins you will not be able to create any of these custom post types or the elements in the theme that require them.

Installation (Import Demo Content)

After activating theme will be opened quick setup wizard. It will help you to install theme required plugins, demo content. Just in a few clicks your website will be ready for use.

Read welcome message and click “Let’s Go!”.


Wizard will ask you to install theme required plugins. Click “Continue” and it will install and activate all required plugins.


Default Content. You need to select DEMO DATA, just click on Theme image. Than by clicking “Continue” setup wizard will import all demo data – pages, posts, and media files. Please note that import proves will take time needed to download all attachments.


Theme customization. Here you can read information about widgets and child theme. Click “Continue”.


That’s all! Theme required plugins were installed and demo content was imported.


Please note that the images we use on our demo sites are copyrighted, and if you’d like to publish them on your site, you would need to purchase them separately. We bought most of our images on Shutterstock.

Update Theme

You can update your theme by performing the following steps:

Download the latest theme .zip file from ThemeForest
Extract it and locate
Extract and locate the Logisticwp folder

Copy/Replace the contents of the Logisticwp folder to the /wp-content/themes/Logisticwp folder of your web site.