8.0.1 General


  • Enable scroll top button - click on to add top button.
    Display the button, with a click on which the page will scroll up
  • Show sidebar on pages - click on to add the sidebar.
    Display sidebar on select pages (Post or Blog) 
  • Enable lazy load - click on to add lazy load option on pages.
    Lazy Load delays loading of images in long web pages. Images outside of viewport will not be loaded before user scrolls to them. This option is available for Images and Maps
  • Enable Coming Soon - click on to enable coming soon.
    Redirect on the select page when site loading
  • Enable Copyright - copyright text can be changed here.
    Display a message when the user clicks right button mouse on the page.
  • Enable sound - click on to sound.
    Turning on sound when hover link.
  • Enable sound on mobile - click on to sound on mobile.
    Turning on sound when hover link for mobile
  • Disable preloader - enable/disable preloader on pages
    Turning off the animation which displays when the page’s content is loading
  • Type of preloader - select preloader type: text with animation background or image
    Choose preloader animation
  • Text for preloader - the preloader text (will be displayed while the page is uploaded) 
    Enter text for the preloader (only for the first style) 
  • Preloader size desktop - the preloader text on the desktop 
    Maximum height 800px
  • Preloader size mobile - the preloader size on mobile 
    Maximum height 800px
  • Preloader size tablet - the preloader size on the tablet 
    Maximum height 800px
  • Background animation images for preloader - add images