9.1.1 Heading short-code

Heading short-code: 

This short-code allows adding the text and button on your website. (with paddings)


  •          Style - the custom text style. It can take one of the following values: style, 1 style 2, style 3, ...
  •          Background title - please add background title
  •          Subtitle - please add subtitle
  •          Subtitle color - please select subtitle color
  •          Title - if you want to add the word which will be marked by the main color, please insert it in the <i> tag, for example: <i>Hello</i>
  •          Title color - please select title color
  •          Button - please specify the link for the button
  •          Button style - please select the button style
  •          Remove fade-in-up animation on load? - do you want to remove fade-in-up animation?