9.1.3. Testimonials short-code

Testimonials short-code:

This short-code allows adding testimonials on your website.

Testimonials Settings (Parent shortcode parameters).

Parent shortcode parameters:

  •          Style -  chose between different styles
  •          Autoplay (sec) -  allows autostart playback (in seconds). 0 - off autoplay.
  •          Speed - speed animation. Default 1000 milliseconds
  •          Count of sliders for middle desktop - chose the value for desktop 
  •          Count of sliders for tablet - chose the value for tablet 
  •          Count of sliders for mobile - chose the value for mobile 
  •          Loop - click yes to enable loop
  •          Extra class name - class name for the element. Allows to set up additional decorations for the element in CSS stylesheets.

Testimonials item Settings (Child shortcode parameters).

  •          Image - upload image 
  •          Stars - add stars 
  •          Content - a short description feedback
  •          Author`s name - add name
  •          Position - add position

Design Options: 

  • CSS box. This option allows you are able to control paddings, margins, border, and radius.
  • Border color. This option allows the select color of the border.
  • Border style.  This option allows the select style of the border.
  • Border radius. This option allows the select radius of the border.
  • Background. This option allows setting different types of background images. 
  • Box controls.  This option allows the select controls.