9.1.8 Post slider short-code

Post slider shortcode:

This short-code allows adding the post with slider to your website.

Post slider Settings (Parent shortcode parameters).
  •          Style - the post list type. It can take one of the following values: Simple, Grid, Masonry and the Big gap
  •          Count items -  the post type: posts, pages, portfolio, product, ...
  •          Image original size - chose size 
  •          Autoplay (sec) -  allows autostart playback (in seconds). 0 - off autoplay.
  •          Speed - speed animation. Default 1000 milliseconds
  •          Count of sliders for middle desktop - chose the value for desktop 
  •          Count of sliders for tablet - chose the value for tablet 
  •          Count of sliders for mobile - chose the value for mobile 
  •          Order by - select how to sort posts
  •          Sort order - select ascending or descending order
  •          Select categories - choose categories from the list