Theme Options

After installation and activation it is time to set up your website. First thing you will notice is the ‘Theme Options’. This section contains all of the custom Eventine Theme options (see image bellow). The default options set in the panel are similar to those in the ThemeForest preview.


  • Page preloader –  here preloader option can be enabled/disabled 
  • Site type - the site type. It can take one of the following values: one page or multiple page
  • Enable lazy load – click on to enable/disable lazy load effect
  • Google Maps Key – add key.

Notice: Before leaving the ‘Theme Options’ tab make sure to click the ‘Save changes’ button at the top of the panel, otherwise your changes will be lost.


  • Fix header on page scroll – click on to enable fixed header menu type when scrolling 
  • Menu style – select logo position. It can take one of the following values: logo left, logo right
  • Type Logo – select type logo.  It can take one of the following values: text, image
  • Text Logo – add text, if you choose text type logo, upload image if you choose image type logo.
  • Show Point Logo – click on to enable Point Logo
  • Show button in the header – the option enables/disables button on header
  • Type button - the button type. It can take one of the following values: booking, simple
  • Header button label – the button`s title.


  • Blog header – click yes to add header on Blog page 
  • Header image – upload background image 
  • Blog Header Title – the header title.
  • Blog breadcrumbs – click on to enable breadcrumbs on Blog page
  • Blog sidebar – click on to add the sidebar on Blog page
  • Single post share links – enable/disable share links option on single post page
  • Single post sidebar –  click on to add the sidebar on Single Post page.


Here you can change copyright information

Custom CSS and JavaScript

This section was specially created for you to easy customize your site by adding custom CSS and JavaScript code:


404 Page

  • Error Title – type in a title for 404 error page.
  • Error button text – the button`s title



Here you can import or export your current options. Also, you can reset all the options to the initial state.



You can view the documentation in this section: