9.1.7. Services list short-code

Services list short-code:

This short-code allows adding section list of service items, which you want to add on your website

Services list Settings (Parent shortcode parameters).

  • Style -  This option allows chose between different styles, which you want to use on your page.
  • Image original size - This option allows the select size of images.
  • Select Categories - This option allows selecting the categories.
  • Sort order -  This option allows select sending or descending order.
  • Count items - This option allows enter count of the item.
  • Count of columns for desktop - This option allows select counts of columns for the desktop.
  • Count of columns for tablet - This option allows select counts of columns for the tablet.
  • Text for  button  - This option allows add the text for your button.
  • Button style - This option allows choosing the style of button.