Google Maps shortcode

Google Maps shortcode

General parameters:

  • Map height - set map heigh.
  • Map auto center - select location for enable in the map.
  • Map Type - you can select map type.
  • Activate GeoLocation - select ON/OFF for activate or deactivate GeoLocation
  • Extra class name - if you wish to style a particular content element differently, then use this field to add a class name and then refer to it in your  CSS  file.

Zoom parameters:

  • Zoom map - set zoom map. You cat set zoom value from 1 to 21. If you select auto center option it will be ignored.
  • Enable Zoom Control - enable or disable Zoom control in Map.
  • Scroll Wheel - If enable, zoom level will be changed by mouse scroll wheel.

Controls parameters:

  • Pan controls - display or hide button for panning.
  • Draggable map - enable or disable Dragable Map. If enable, map will be draggable by mouse.
  • Scale Control - display or hide map scale element.
  • Street view control - display or hide Pagman icon.
  • Map type control - display or hide a map type control.
  • Map type - select Map type.
  • Enable 3D mode - enable or disable 3D mode. This option working for SATELLITE and HYBRID maps.
  • Enable Street view Toggle Button - enable or disable Street view Toggle Button.
  • Map type Control Style - choosen map type control style.

Miscellaneous parameters:

  • Reload on resize - If checked, map will be reload on screen resize.
  • Map language - select Language your map.

Style parameters:

Design options:

  • Border color - select color.
  • Border style - select border style.
  • Border radius - select border radius.
  • Background - select color.
  • Box controls - simplify controls.