Skins Settings

Here you can create new skin and manage existing theme skins.

On the left side of the dashboard is located Skin List. It includes all saved skins, which you can use in your theme. Every skin have buttons for Editing, Clone or Delete Skin from the list

  • Edit - this button allows you to change skin settings;
  • Select - this button allows you to change default skin for your website.
  • Delete - this option removes the skin from the list.
  • Clone button allows you to duplicate skin with all settings;

You can also create new skin. To do this, enter a new skin name on the right side of the dashboard and click on "Create New Skin".

Do not forget to save your settings by clicking "Save Changes" button. In case you want to return to the default settings, just click on "Reset Options".

More about Aheto Design Setting you can read in Aheto Plugin Docomentation