Step 3: Aheto Plugin Setup

To import demo data you need to follow a few very simple steps: 

  1. Go to Dashboard
  2. Click on Aheto icon on the Dashboard → Setup 

  3. Introduction. Here open Welcome Page with background information. Read and click on the button "Let`s Go!"

  4. Builder Install. Please, select Page builder to install. Currently available is Elementor (and WPBakery is coming soon in Aheto updates) and go to the Next Step.

  5. Required Plugins. On this step, you have to install required plugins for working with Aheto plugin. In case you follow our instructions, these plugins are already installed. Read how to install required plugins
  6. Import Demo Data. Please select Full or Part Import and click on the button "Continue". In case you're selected Full Import all Theme Pages will be imported automatically. In case you will choose Part Import you can import only needed pages manually (instruction described in Step 4)

  7. After successful settings import go to the Ready Demos.  

More information about Aheto Plugin Setting you can find in Aheto Documentation