General Settings

This option block contains several sections settings, including:
  • General 
  • Blog 
  • Elements
  • Optimization
  • Preloader
  • API Tools
  • Custom Code

General Settings:

This block of options has general settings for the plugin, including Page Builder by default, preloader style, skin style, header style, font and other. 

  • Default Builder - Please, choose Page Builder for your theme.
  • Disable multiply skins - Turn on if you want to use only one skin on your website.
  • Skins - Please, choose the main skin for your theme.
  • Global Header - Here you can choose a header style for your theme.
  • Global Footer - Here you can choose a footer style for your theme.
  • Additional Icon Fonts sets - Please, select an icon fonts sets you want to enable.
  • 404 redirect page - Here you can select custom page for 404 redirect page. If you don't use custom 404 redirect page, it'll be default 404 page from your theme.

Do not forget to save your updates by clicking " Save Changes" button at the top right of  Aheto Settings panel. In case you want to return to the default settings, just click the "Reset Options" button